Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Moving right along...

  1. Invest and expand technological infrastructure to meet evolving instructional, learning and professional needs.
  1. Improve technology system support to be transparent, efficient, and productive.
  1. Implement training systems that ensure the successful technical proficiency of all stakeholders.
  1. Blend pedagogy, subject knowledge, and technology in the development and delivery of effective and powerful curricular lessons.
  1. Support and enhance effective differentiation, using technology to engage all students so they will master standards and make meaning of content.
  1. Develop a structured selection process that will guide technological decision making.
  1. Articulate, deploy, and maintain technology standards for every classroom.
  1. Plan and implement accurate, timely, and secure data collection methods that will inform stakeholders, direct curricular design, and support policy decisions. 

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