Sunday, June 12, 2011

Desert Dew

The title was attractive because I love the desert and desert dew can take on many meanings physically and spiritually. It has been over many years that I have blogged in Desert Dew primarily for my sake and for my sanity in this new profession.

I was told that after five years as a teacher I would really know if  I wanted to stay in the profession... Well, I am completing my fifth year and yes, I know now that I want to keep on teaching - I have had many doubts and occasionally still wonder - but nothing compares to a thank you note from an autistic student and parents that says, "Thank you - you are a great teacher"

It turns out like most jobs in life if you put your heart into the job and do professional work - the rewards will follow. In teaching however, most teachers hang on to the lives transformed and the very few "thank you!" you get - they sustain you in some cases for decades!

Another five years if the Lord wills is sufficient for me! :)  Thank you to my teachers, my mentors, my peers, and most importantly, my students. I finally feel like a teacher.

I will muse in a new school Blog called Rancho's Bell.