Tuesday, January 19, 2010


A new decade starts... Two weeks to wrap up the semester with the "Forces Within" unit. An Earthquake project having the students create a earthquake safety plan based on the SDGE pamphlet (Kudos to the organization(s) that created this resource). It allowed students to investigate: "Why should I care?" " What should I do?" and "What should I know?"

Here is the link to the resource if you are interested in it. You can get beautiful hard copies for your classes as well - which is what I did last year but got them too late for the unit. I used them this year and the students kept it for a family reference. Excellent resource.

With the Haiti earthquake (7.0) - the timing was uncanny... but not surprising in that we have daily earthquakes throughout the world. We need to lift Haiti in prayer - here is one of the key links that you can also use to alleviate some of the suffering:
Final Exam for Academic Earth Science:
Their final exam is project # 2 using the Mayon Volcano as a real life laboratory in the Philippines. Students have to demonstrate the six facets of understanding:






UbD at its finest!