Friday, December 30, 2005

While cruising for preservice teacher information I came across this cool site from the DOE (Department of Energy) for Preservice jobs for Math and Science teachers… They pay you while you work with scientists….! Not a bad deal to get the real deal.

This is truly a pregnant site! Enjoy.

Thursday, December 29, 2005


With this crazy and busy semester behind me I finally find myself with enough time to break my long hiatus – I think my peers and I are just now recovering!

In any case, I wanted to comment on a new trend – not so new actually – Charter schools with a twist: Cyber Charter Schools! It is something to keep an eye on... Their charter normally read as follows:

Our students connect over the Internet to their classrooms, webcasts, and email using a school computer and Internet service. There are some activities that can be completed offline, but most student work is completed online. Most of the core subjects use traditional textbooks, augmented with supplemental materials online. Some textbooks are also available on CD. Classes typically have a posted syllabus with weekly due dates. In general, work can be completed any time of the day during the week. Students and parents can log into classes at any time to check progress and grades, and progress reports are mailed frequently. We use standardized tests to confirm placement for new students, and to gauge progress for the school year. While email is our primary communication tool, we contact students and parents regularly by telephone. Teachers all have office hours during which they are available by phone to answer questions and consult with families. We follow a traditional school calendar, which is flexible to accommodate student needs.

Check out the following links to get a flavor: