Thursday, August 17, 2006


The road unwound as a twisted ribbon as we headed to our destination. Wending through sharp turns and one-lane car bridges up the incredibly beautiful verdant mountain bordering the sparkling azure coastline made for an incomparable drive today. The adventure was in the “way” not in the destination. The “way” included a museum, beach views, waterfalls, a tourist attraction: “The Garden of Eden,” even a hotdog at the road-side stand – all simple joy incomparable – and ahhhh the company!

Wednesday, August 16, 2006


After a crack-of-dawn beginning, and the early morning “rush” on the “15” heading to the airport, plus the challenge of the airport extra security and the six hour flight from San Diego the stiffness and drudgery melted away as the beautiful island of Maui unfolded under the wheels of our rental car. The brightness of the blue sky, the ocean breeze, the beautiful clouds, the rise of the mountains brings renewed perspective and vigor! Ahhhhhh finally – vacation!

A moment of rest….to ponder, to think, to pray, even to blog in peace!

This time celebrating the wonderful blessings of a great marriage… our thirty seventh!