Wednesday, October 11, 2006


My second day – and I got called into the counselor’s office to help out in an SST for a student at risk. Very interesting seeing on my second day at school the process followed to help a student… Not quite the academic exercise practiced at the University, but with the same goals and ideas.

I am impressed that they were able to spot a challenge in the making…

Monday, October 09, 2006


First day… oh boy!

163 students in 5 periods….! No textbook for the class…only the State standards and a modified curriculum… humm – very interesting.

Classroom management is the order of the day – as the boundary gets stretched to see how far they can push the new teacher. Lets see… seating charts do not work well because of overcrowding…floating classrooms and interruptions by other teachers to get to “their” material….hummmm. A kid that gets sick and runs from the classroom ready to vomit… overflowing trashcans in the corner (with roaches) by the time 6th period rolls around… hummmmmm.

And remind me, why did they take prayer out of school?

Teaching – oh yeah! Teaching…. Well, we did a discrepant event demonstration - and it improved as each period progressed. There is hope – I got some good insights from the students – and you can see the potential behind the rough exterior…. These kids are bright.

Thank you Lord for sustaining me through my first day…

Monday, October 02, 2006


My first teacher's meeting last August, introduced me to one of the VPs in the school that pushed AVID - he was positive enthusiastic and wanted our school to be in the forefront of the AVID program. Since then, I have found out that one of our key instructors at the COE has become a fulltime member of the AVID staff... I think this speaks highly of the program! Check it out: