Saturday, November 11, 2006


Thank you Vets for your service!

I wrapped up my week of teaching with a small civic component for all my periods. I shared a veteran’s day thank you clip by Jennifer Love Hewitt – I then gave my students (9th-11th grade) the following prompt:

Veteran’s days honors those who are serving and those who have served our nation. Freedom is never free… Please think about freedom and science… Ponder about what a free society and science brings to the world…You can also think about the opposite, what a society that does not have freedom means to science… Think about science and your learning – what does it all mean?

Write two complete paragraphs as to what you think freedom means to scientific inquiry, the scientific method, and science in general and you personally.

The responses were amazing… from total trite and tripe to tremendous writing and heartfelt personal meaning… overall, I was very encouraged.

By the way here is a great site for your perusal: