Sunday, July 30, 2006


What a summer full of surprises… First about school, the second summer school session is now complete. I received excellent reviews from the teacher and the university supervisor; the students were receptive as well – see the survey in a previous post. The staff at the school was also very kind – thank you Ms. Francis!

OK so I have completed Beginning Student Teaching last semester (European History – BCLAD) and two summer sessions of the Advanced Student teaching (US History first session, World History the second session)… all went very well. Now for the surprise:

The principal wanted to talk to me – and offered me a job but instead of teaching history – I got a potential job offer to teach integrated science! Well that was a surprise! He had heard that I could teach science as well and pulled me in – there is a shortage of science teachers.

Coincidentally I got a second surprise from my corporate job. They are offering a sweetheart separation deal. I have 30 years with the company and it is indeed a great package. The only concern was would they let me go? They made it clear it was completely up to them. My boss said it was 50-50 because I was needed in some hot projects. I submitted my paperwork anyway and last Thursday I got a call that said they would approve it but only after September 29th. Incredible! After 30 years I am stepping out in faith changing careers….

Lots of things in the air – I am traveling to wrap up Corporate responsibilities – school is working with the University to insure that I am properly covered to teach the integrated science course… and in the meantime I have signed up to take the Science CSET series starting on September 16th. I figured I might as well solidify it so there is no question about my ability to handle the sciences in the NCLB environment. I will also take the Science methods classes at the University in addition to my second History methods class.

Like I said, a summer full of surprises – all positive I might add... this is the fulfillment of a long-ago promise!

Sunday, July 23, 2006


I have one more day to go in my Advanced Student Teaching! The class was very interesting - grades are in and done - everyone is passing with a "C" or better. Here are the results of the class survey:
Drop me an e-mail if you wish to get a copy of the spreadsheet and survey document that you might use for your own classes - my e-mail:

Tuesday, July 18, 2006


NECC has come and gone, Advanced Student teaching is in process.... Excellent experience - all around.

Will catch up with the NECC experience a bit later - - - only one comment - it was great to hear the keynote speacker Negroponte from the MIT labs talk about the $100 laptop for deployment world-wide... The stuff is either science fiction or else it is truly a new paradygm that will change the world.

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Monday, July 03, 2006


Well, as usual my plate like most teachers, "... runneth over..." I have been looking to the NECC but at the same time balancing all the priorities: First Summer Session, Professional Work, Family responsibilities, etc etc....

Well firstly, the experience of the First Summer Session at RBVHS has been outstanding - excellent support from the master teacher, encouraging supervision plus a great class. Very interesting this class of bright people who well....did not do so well last semester. In any case, it felt good to interact with the students, to teach them the subject and to get excellent commentaries - and achieved a 100% success in passing grades with some excellent performances. They enjoyed learning graphic tools - and they really liked contextual - group work with excellent results...

Secondly, at a personal level - we had an addition to the family, our third grandbaby - baby "Ella"..... Nothing is more fulfilling than to see yet one more generation in the family -

Thirdly, the NECC.... I am looking forward to meeting some of my readers.... My participation link can be found at: